Engraving Same Day / While You Wait

As a rule, we do not offer engraving as a same-day service.

We may be able to provide certain engraving services for the next-day, however we prefer to ask customers to allow up to 5 business days turn-around.

For more on this, please follow this link.


What types of materials can be engraved?

  • Glass, Plastics, Wood
  • Leather, Canvas
  • Steel, aluminium, brass*
  • Bracelets, rings, jewellery (some types) - refer to hand engraving
  • OR ask us if you're unsure
Our processes include:
  • computer aided machine engraving
  • laser engraving
  • full colour sublimation transfer printing
  • hand engraving*


Clear & correct instructions deliver best results

The task of an engraver is to make permanent markings on an object's surface. The engraver's aim is to be as neat and accurate as possible, because often the markings cannot be erased. Although most engraving can be produced by computer controlled machinery, it is still the engraver's responsibility to ensure that the machine operates properly and engraves the correct information.

An engraver follows your instructions, which involves reproducing the wording you provide exactly as provided. Therefore, it is up to you to ensure your instructions are clear and the engraving details thoroughly checked for correctness prior to engraving.

If there are mistakes in the information you provide - and those mistakes are not obvious to the engraver - they will appear in the finished work. The engraver will correct errors where they are clearly wrong (such as common spelling mistakes) or contact you for confirmation.

Please check your engraving information before you give it to us. Important details such as the spelling of names and places, grammar and punctuation, are common problem areas.

If you are not sure how to proceed, always ask - we're happy to help you achieve the best results.

Please Contact Us with any questions.

Hand Engraving


If your item is delicate, too small or not suitable for machine or laser engraving, we can arrange for our hand engraver to make the inscriptions you require.

Typically the engraver collects items once per week and returns them within 2 days.

Common items that require engraving by hand include

  • Watches
  • Perpetual shields where small plates are curved
  • Rings
  • Wine bottles (not sparkling or champagne as the bottles can burst)
  • Silver egg cups

If you're not sure whether your item requires hand or machine engraving, contact us or bring the item into the store - generally we will know once we see it.

Engraving Personal Items


We take the highest degree of care with your valuables (i.e. items you bring to us for engraving). However, it is important to keep in mind that sometimes problems can occur outside of our control - unforseen power outages, machine faults, breakages due to an item's unsuitability for engraving, etc.. That is why, when you leave an item with us for engraving, you must accept all risks involved, including cost of replacement.

If you believe an error was made by us that could easily have been avoided, please talk to us - we'll be happy to discuss the matter with you and, if we find that we are at fault, work out a swift and suitable solution.

For information on Engraving Prices and the correct List Format to provide us, tap the "☰ More" icon above.

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Certain items may not be engravable due to their thickness, hardness, proportions, etc..

Some items may only be suitable for one type of engraving - eg. laser, diamond-tip, by hand, etc.

We may also advise against engraving an item (or choose not to ) because of its value and the uncertainty of the engraving result.

Always contact us to enquire about engraving on personal and valuable items**.

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