Why we don't engrave while you wait

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We aim to meet customer deadlines

Full priority must apply to jobs ordered ahead of time. On-the-spot engraving requires interrupting or delaying other work and can seriously disrupt our work schedule.

Rushing leads to mistakes

Mistakes are disappointing and can be costly. Your items are valuable. Engraving is permanent. We discourage on-the-spot jobs to minimise risk. Getting the job done right means slowing down and taking the time to see, think, and do things carefully and with full consideration to the task.

What CAN we do on-the-spot?

If you can leave engraving for another time, you can always purchase the items and come back later.

If you absolutely can't wait...

When you simply must have your item engraved on the same day - if we can fit you in - there will be a surcharge payable for the rush-service. We will not accept any same-day engraving jobs during our busiest times. To avoid inconvenience please call first.

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Thanks for understanding!

More on engraving...

See this page for more information on engraving.

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