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Why we don't engrave while you wait

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Our focus is on efficiency and customer satisfaction.

To do a job straight away - while you wait - requires us to interrupt or delay work on another customer's order and can seriously disrupt our work schedule. Our customers rely on us to meet their deadlines, and we give full priority to customers who have ordered ahead of time.

All jobs take time - even small ones - and we do not like to rush.

Every precaution is taken to avoid mistakes. With certain jobs we need to slow down and take the time to see, think, and do things carefully and with consideration to the task.

By avoiding on-the-spot jobs we seek to minimise the risk of mistakes made due to rushing through "unexpected" orders. We would rather you not face the disappointment and possible cost of permanently damaging your valuables.

What CAN we do on-the-spot?

If you need to purchase trophies but can leave engraving for another time, then just come into the store, or give us a call, and in most cases we should be able to help straight away.

Can you come back later?

During the less-busy times of the year, if you leave an engraving order with us and can return later in the day, we may be able to allocate time in between other jobs. We only ask that you call ahead to see if this is possible. More often than not we will be able to fit you in. But please do be aware there is a surcharge for same-day engraving - we will inform you of the cost when you call.

Thanks for understanding!

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