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Yes, we are still operating!

To comply responsibly with Melbourne's current community health emergency, our shopfront is closed to casual visitors.

Customers are encouraged to
call or e-mail with enquiries. We will let you know the best way we can help you.

If you do make an appointment to visit the store (for drop-offs or pick-ups only) we ask that you wear your face-mask.


762 Riversdale Road
Camberwell Victoria 3124

(03) 9888 6155

Map 60 D1 (Melway)

Shopfront Closed to Casual Visitors Until Further Notice

Contact Us With Enquiries or To Make An Appointment

Monday - Friday 9am to 5.30pm

We must all abide by the strict distancing guidelines that have been issued to the entire community. It is for the benefit of everyone that we all remain mindful of this very serious global health emergency and comply responsibly with current restrictions.

  • YES! we do engraving.
  • NO! we don't engrave on-the-spot. Why?

For hand-engraving see here or call for details.

General Enquiries

Ask a question or give feedback on your experience as a customer, or the features of this website - can we make it better?

Customers are our most valuable resource. It's important to stay in touch. We will respond to your query soon.

About Us

Lifetime Trophies & Engraving Camberwell has been providing quality awards and engraving services to the community for over 25 years.

Our professional and friendly staff are skilled in a variety of processes which allow us to offer a broad range of engraving services incorporating traditional and time-tested techniques with modern state-of-the-art technologies.

Our customers receive the very best products available and we're always happy to work with you on ideas that don't come 'out of the box'.

We constantly monitor our techniques to improve efficiency and ensure that our results are timely, accurate, and exactly what our customers ask for.

Lifetime Trophies & Engraving Camberwell is not affiliated with any other "Lifetime" store.

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